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Personalised Waterproof Dog Coats | Grey Camouflage
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Dog Towels Personalised With Dogs Name - Hand Towel
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 Dog theft is rising.

We try do everything as responsible owners to try to cut the risk to our best friends. 

Our dogs are micro chipped by law in the UK which is fantastic.

We have dog tags, which are brilliant until they fall off. 

Why not have your details embroidered on one of our dog collars. 

No more lost dog tags !

Waterproof Dog Blanket Personalised With Dogs Name

Waterproof Dog Blanket Personalised With Dogs Name
Waterproof Dog Blanket Personalised With Dogs NameWaterproof Dog Blanket Personalised With Dogs NameWaterproof Dog Blanket Personalised With Dogs Name
Our Price:  £18.50

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Personalised waterproof dog blankets with a soft fleece layer on the top, in a stunning range of colours including your dogs name.

The underneath of the blanket, the top of the blanket can be the colour of fleece that you choose.

Our waterproof blanket is bound in a black nylon binding, the top side of your blanket will be the blanket colour you have chosen.

And the underneath side of your blanket will be a layer of black waterproof fabric.

Our range of dog blankets and are a versatile form of dog bedding which will keep any dog happy.

Machine Washable at 30C.  You can personalise your dog blanket with your dogs name in the colour of your choice.

Your personalisation will be embroidered as shown in our image on one corner of your dogs blanket in the colour of your choice.

Feedback is important to us and our customers, not only on our products but on our service.

We would very much appreciate if you would take the time to leave us a review.


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Dog Coat Sizing

It is important that you measure your dogs length in inches.

To determine if this is the correct size for your dog, as all dogs vary.How to measure for dog coats

For dogs that wear a harness they would need to be worn over the coat.

Breed Examples For Coat Length
  • 11.5" Coat Length - Chihuahua Papillon
  • 12" Coat Length - Yorkshire Terrier
  • 14" Coat Length - Jack Russell
  • 16" Coat Length - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • 18" Coat Length - Cocker Spaniel
  • 20" Coat Length - Brittany Spaniel
  • 22" -24" Coat Length - Border Collie / Springer Spaniel
  • 26" - 28" Coat Length - German Shepherd / Rottweiler / Golden Retriever

Waist Tummy Band Belt Length For Each Size Dog Coat

  • 11.5" Tummy belt length approx 19"
  • 12" Tummy belt length approx 22"
  • 14" Tummy belt length approx 23"
  • 16" Tummy belt length approx 26"
  • 18" Tummy belt length approx 32"
  • 20" Tummy belt length approx 32"
  • 22" Tummy belt length approx 36"
  • 26" Tummy belt length approx 43"
Please Note: Any extra velcro on the coat frontage can be trimmed after fitting.


Adjustable Dog Collars

Measurements are in inches and adjustable within the sizes available.

Sizings should be taken as per our image below to determine the best sizing. 

Our adjustable dog collars use a side release buckle, one end fits into the other end so therefore the second clip is not included within the measurement.

Please remember to use a contrasting colour for the personalisation on your collar, to enable the text to be clearly read.

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